Google Drive Gets Material Design Update on iOS, Coming to Android Soon


Google has extended its Material Design appearance to its Drive cloud service, which the company claims makes it easier to use on mobile. 

Google Drive for iOS and Android now boasts of a neater and seamless appearance after the update.

According to its official blog, with the Material redesign, Google Drive now comes with a number of nifty new features making it easier for you to collaborate across files in Drive on mobile devices. “This Material redesign is part of a larger effort to bring the look and feel of our G Suite apps together as a whole, with ease-of-use in mind,” the blog added.

Some of the improvements include a new Home tab that surfaces files based on last time you accessed or edited, frequent shares, what files are used at specific times of day. There’s also a new navigation bar at the bottom that lets you switch between Home, Starred, Shared files, and all Files, allowing for quick access.

“We know that mobile devices are critical to getting work done, whether it’s at our desk, in a meeting, sending an email, or collaborating. Drive is not just a way to backup files to the cloud, but a critical way to easily share work, make last minute changes to content, or review important content on the go. The Drive Mobile redesign aims to make these workflows easier,” the blog post said.

While iOS users have already started seeing the redesign, Android users will have to wait until March 18, 2019 for the updated appearance. 

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