Google I/O 2019: Here’s all that Google announced at its biggest event of 2019


We are live from Google’s annual developers conference,I/O 2019.Google talked about its next Android version and all the new software features that the OS will bring to Android smartphones. This year’s I/O was perhaps a bit more special as Google unveiled mid-range Pixel smartphones. The Times of India covered the event live from Google’s HQ in Mountain View, California and here is all that happened at Google I/O 2019:
* From a company that finds answers to a company that gets things done is the message that Google wants to send
* AI and ML remain at the core of how Google wants to operate in the world of technology

Google is using AI in healthcare across the world
* Pixel 3a starting price is $399 and will be available in India starting May 15
* Pixel 3a assured to get Android security updates for the next three years
* Pixel 3a smartphones to come with Night Sight mode
* The new Pixel devices to come with a 3.5-mm headphone jack
* The new smartphones to be available in White, Black and Purple colour variants
Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL officially unveiled
* Google Assistant on Google smart speakers is set to get more smarter
* Android Q will be available in beta mode on 21 devices
* With Android Q, users can set time limits on various apps.
* A new mode called Focus mode will come to phones running Android P and Q later this year, which will help people in monitoring their smartphone usage
* Digital Well Being, according to Google, has helped people in cutting down their smartphone usage, especially at night.
*In Android Q, the OS will prompt users of any app that tries to access location information in the background.
*Google claims to scan over 50 billion Android apps every day with Google Play Protect to verify and secure the apps available on the Play store.
*Recognising the fact that OLED displays consume the maximum battery, Google will announce dark mode in Android Q.
*Google’s smart reply will even suggest you to reply to messages with an accurate emojis. Thanks to machine learning.
*Google gears up to cater to foldable phones. One of the key features is screen continuity that will make the shift to a smaller foldable screen from a bigger unfolded screen easy.
* Pichai’s message to everyone is: Make a helpful Google for everyone
* Live Relay is another new feature that will help users with speech disorders to communicate easily
* A new feature called Live Caption will come to Google web and mobile that will use speech recognition technology
* Google is making two-factor authentication easier for more than 1 billion plus devices
* Google is big on privacy and security is the message Pichai is sending
* Sundar Pichai is now back on the stage to talk about ‘affordable’ Google products and services.
* Google Assistant will also aim to make driving more helpful as Google brings a lot of features for those who want to use it while in their car
* AI, as expected, aims to make Google Assistant faster, smarter and better than ever before
* Google Assistant, claims the company, will get 10 times faster than before
* Google Assistant has become “incredibly faster”, says Sundar Pichai
* Google Duplex will now come on Web as well.
* Pichai back on stage to talk about Google Duplex
* India remains at the heart of all things Android Go, as illustrated by a video showcased by Google
* Google Go — the app for entry-level Android smartphones — is also getting smart camera capabilities
* Google is bringing camera to Google Search
* More AR capabilities through the camera will now soon come to Google Search
* Google Lens gets more smarter and capable
* Search remains the key for Google but it wants to do “so much more”, says Pichai
* Podcasts will become easier and more relevant in Google Search
* Google, according to Pichai, is now a company that wants to build a “Google helpful for everyone”.
* Google CEO Sundar Pichai is on stage now

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