Greener laptops and fridges could help keep planet cool


The world’s first carbon neutral laptops arrived in Denmark this week, as UK-based Circular Computing welcomed its first shipment of ‘remanufactured’ laptops.

Over 160 million new laptops are made every year, using critical natural resources and significantly contributing to carbon emissions and climate change. Meanwhile, 160,000 older laptops are disposed of every day in the EU alone, resulting in millions of tons of e-waste. Circular Computing say this is all completely unnecessary and that over 70 per cent of discarded laptops could be reused.

Jan Roedahl, CEO of Elitecom commented, “We’re delighted to announce our exciting new collaboration with Circular Computing to bring sustainable, affordable and environmentally-friendly laptops to the Danish market. Circular Computing is globally recognized as a world first and Elitecom shares many of its core values. It’s a win for us, a win for our customers and a win for the planet.”

The greener laptops are reduce the e-wastage. we recycle the old laptops and produce the greener laptops.The greener laptops are very environmentally friendly.

Circular Computing planet graphic

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