Let us take you to the new world on the perspective of upcoming technology “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” by countries of the world.

 Media focuses on the pin “AI arms race” between the US and China, where the winner is not clean either the US or China. PwC estimates that AI could increase global GDP by $15.7 trillion by 2030. Governments around the world are taking steps to win in the digital race. Countries as small as Kenya & as large as China have created or are working to create formal national AI frameworks that tackle the important questions AI raises for the society, the economy & government. AI policy is about maximizing benefits while minimizing risks and harms.

The countries support the idea on “Learning from one another”. The following are the most important terms in making AI the best reach,                   Data – Data is the driver behind AI, as it roles out as a most important thing from self driving cars to smart cities. People from countries are working on privacy to make it more secured.
                   Talent – Considering the world level AI research community, there are only 22000 PhD educated AI researchers in the world. Canada supports AI degree programmers and is building a $127 million research facility in Toronto. Facebook and Uptake are investing in this talent pool.
                   Legal – Estonia is developing a bill for AI liability that will be ready in March 2019. The government is also interests in developing global framework that will serve as a roadmap for others.
                   Inclusion – What we all can come to know is “AI for all”, this will enhance and encourage people to explore Artificial Intelligence to take the community to the new world of smarty things.
                   We as a team of Nandha Infotech, also support our student’s community to grow in the world of AI. We support development for various ideas, to have major transformation. We are exploring things beyond technology with the help of our in-house team to pull in the day to day updates, which in turn helps us to drives as to traverse smoothly in this tech era. For details visit

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