We, Students of Avinashilingam Institute of Home Science and Higher Education for Women, The presented report based on live project is prepared by our team after the completion of 15 days work at Nandha infotech.      

We have gained work experience for a specified requirement and learned something that goes beyond the thought of an amateur, such as technical analysis and its characteristics. We have fetched more new experience and gathered more technical information during the internship. We even learned things apart from our field. 

Session conducted offered us a unique chance to reflect on professional identity, management, and practice in the workplace, as well as the nature and quality of technical documents. Classes conducted were really useful and understandable.

We also had a chance to evaluate ourself our overall performance as well as the quality of particular technical writing documents produced. This opportunity gave us the knowledge, we require to pursue a career while exposing ourselves to live projects. We really feel excited to have another chance to be an intern in Nandha Infotech again, if time permits..

We worked on the live projects on the basis of biomedical instrumentation, which is still under R&D process. We even created our own bot by learning artificial intelligence and machine learning, which will play an upper hand role in near future in the technology field..

Our first live project research based on NPWT(negative pressure wound therapy). Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), also known as topical negative pressure therapy, has been increasingly used in health care for the management of a wide variety of wounds over the last 2–3 decades. It is an advanced therapy that can be helpful to accelerate wound healing in both acute and chronic wounds by delivering negative pressure (suction) to the wound bed. Then the rest of them were even related to biomedical instrumentation.

From that, we believe that the internship at Nandha Infotech enhanced our knowledge to pursue higher education in our own stream, rather than playing out in diversified streams.

Nandha infotech company gave us a new platform to learn and explore new technologies.
We, students, thank them for giving us an opportunity for our career.

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