WhatsApp feature: Chat app to soon allow users to preview voice messages before sending


Making phone calls is on a decline and today, the millennial’s are at ease with writing a message or sending a short voice note than having a proper conversation. Hopping on to this new trend, WhatsApp allowed its users to send short audio recordings but there wasn’t a way to preview the recorded message before sending. This pain point will soon be taken care of and the upcoming update will let the users listen or preview the audio message before hitting the send button.

The WhatsApp’s message preview feature isn’t new and has been around for a while now for both images and video files. WABetaInfo, the website that tracks WhatsApp’s upcoming features, reported that the preview feature is under development for the iOS version of WhatsApp. The new update will prevent users from sending a wrong voice message as they will get to hear it before sending it.

The preview feature is still in the developmental phase and only a few iOS devices have been able to test the new beta functionality. WhatsApp hasn’t said anything about the complete availability and, as per WABetaInfo, the update could come as a part of iOS 13. Along with the voice message preview feature, iOS 13 will also bring system-wide Dark mode. iOS 13’s implementation still won’t turn the WhatsApp dark. The native Dark mode has been rumored to arrive on WhatsApp for the past year.

Besides the above-mentioned features, WhatsApp is working on ‘Quick Edit Media Shortcut’ feature. The feature will let people edit files users have sent or received during a chat. Once the feature is made available, a new Edit button will appear which, if tapped, will automatically redirect the users to the section that allows them to edit the media.

WhatsApp is looking to stay ahead of its competitors by pushing timely updates and introducing new features that enhance the user experience. In the next few months, WhatsApp could introduce other features like QR code scanning, fingerprint authentication, Sharing WhatsApp status post on Facebook etc.

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