Google Assistant will now let you send reminders to your family and friends


oes your flatmate forget to take out the trash after a grand party on the weekend? Does your significant other forget to feed the dog often? Now, thanks to Google Assistant you can remind your flatmates or your family members about their chores in a more subtle way.

Google has rolled out a new feature on to its virtual assistant – the Google Assistant – that allows users to set assignable reminders for your family and friends allowing you to collaborate with them more seamlessly and staying organised.

“Assignable reminders on the Google Assistant help families and housemates better collaborate and stay organized while at home or on the go. This means you can now create reminders for your partner or roommate to do things like pick up the groceries, pay a recurring bill, walk the dog-or send them a note of encouragement when they need it the most,” Google explained in a blog post.

To set an assignable reminder all you need to do is say – “Hey Google, remind Sam to take out the trash at 8AM.” Google Assistant will then send a notification to Sam about the reminder being created on both his Assistant-enabled Smart Display, speaker and phone. He will be notified again when you have asked the Google Assistant to remind him.

Apart from setting assignable reminders, you can even see which reminders you’ve assigned to Sam simply by saying — “Hey Google, what are my reminders for Sam?” You can also set location-based reminders with a specific address or landmark. “For example, if you want to remind Claire to pick up flowers-and you don’t know the exact time she’ll be going shopping-just say, “Hey Google, remind Claire to pick up flowers when she gets to the San Francisco Ferry Building,”

The Google Assistant will then remind Claire when it recognizes that she has arrived at the Ferry Building.

While this seems a good way to remind people – especially the ones living a house — about their chores, it can get annoying if just about anyone (even your distant relatives) can set a reminder for you. Before you panic read this: Not everyone can set an assignable reminder for you. Google says that you can send and receive reminders only from people who are in your Google family group or those who have their accounts linked to the same Smart Display or speaker as you and are Voice Matched. The recipient must also be in the sender’s Google Contacts, which means that you are safe from the nagging relatives or annoying friends.

Google is rolling out this feature in English on phones, speakers and Smart Displays in the US, UK and Australia in coming weeks. It will also be available on the Google Nest Hub Max when it is available later this fall. As far as India is concerned, there is no word on when this feature will be available in India yet.

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