Believe It or Not: Your Internet Speed Has Actually Increased by 17 Percent This Year


Your average internet speeds have seemingly taken a turn for the positive, according to data from speed test organisation, Ookla. Gathered from over 21 million tests and 2.4 individuals between April and September 2019, the data states that India’s average fixed broadband speed has increased by 16.5 percent, to reach 34.07Mbps at the end of September 2019. India’s mobile internet speeds, on the other hand, have remained largely consistent, with average speeds ranging between 10.63 and 11.18Mbps in the said period.

There is also considerable difference between the fastest and slowest network speeds on broadband lines in India — while Chennai ranked the highest with 51.07Mbps, Nagpur fell at the bottom of the spectrum with 20.1Mbps. The difference in mobile internet speed was not so large, with Mumbai ranking fastest at 11.87Mbps and Lucknow ranking slowest at 8.94Mbps.

Another interest data point comes in terms of 4G availability in India, with Ookla stating that 87.9 percent of all operator networks in India are now 4G compliant. This comes at a time when the telecom space is rife with compliants regarding internet speed discrepancies. While the majority of India still continues to struggle in terms of inconsistency with speeds and network congestion, metro and Tier II cities are helping push the speed upward, reflected in the data set shared by Ookla for H1 FY20.


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