Google has removed this app from Play Store for being anti-India


After removing 29 malicious apps from the Play Store recently, tech giant Google has removed one more app from its Android market. Agreeing to the demand of Punjab CM Amarinder Singh, the company has dropped an app called “2020 Sikh Referendum” from the Play Store for being anti-India.

This app is no longer available on Play Store for the users in India. The Chief Minister had asked the Director General of Police to coordinate with the Central security agencies to tackle the threat resulting from the launch of the app, created by ‘ICETECH’. The minister had also urged the central government to persuade Google into the matter.

The app had asked the general public to register themselves to vote in the ‘Punjab Referendum 2020 Khalistan’. A website with the address of was also launched on the same lines for the same purpose.

“How and why Google allowed such an app to be uploaded by a known radical extremist group in the first place is questionable,” the Chief Minister was cited by an IANS report. He said that the timing of the launch of app indicates a patently sinister agenda by the ISI to leverage the opportunity created by the Kartarpur Corridor to divide the Indian Sikh community.

The Cyber Crime Centre of the Bureau of Investigation of Punjab had moved to get the app removed from the Google Play Store and the website blocked for usage in India.

On November 8, a notice under Section 79 (3) B of the Information Technology Act was sent to Google for the removal of the mobile application.

Google recently removed 29 malicious app from Play Store after they were found to be adware. The collective download of these apps was more than 10 million with one of the apps being installed for more than 5 million.


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